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Famille toxique : si vous ne m’aimez pas, vous n’avez pas le droit de voir mes enfants !

Famille toxique : si vous ne m’aimez pas, vous n’avez pas le droit de voir mes enfants !

Tik Tok is still wreaking havoc!

Tayler is a young pregnant woman, she is in her third trimester, which has hurt a lot of people.

For what ?

Quite simply because she chose to set limits with her toxic family members.

In her speech, she does not mention anyone in particular and says that these rules can apply to anyone.

Whether it’s family members, friends or complete strangers, the rules are the same.

Her video starts innocently, she simply admits that she is aware that not everyone likes her.

Besides, it’s natural: you can’t please everyone.

The problem she has is that some people hate her, but don’t tell her directly.

They belittle her and criticize her to others, but smile in her face.

When people let a lot of people know that they don’t like me, whether in real life or online, I don’t know what they expect.

They drag me through the mud and insult me.

They don’t support me and they don’t want anything to do with me.

These people make me understand it through their actions, but they tell me nothing.

They let others do the dirty work for them.

What kills me is the fact that these people believe they have the right to see and have relationships with my children.

What makes you think I’m going to allow this?

We have no relationship or we have a toxic relationship…

Where does your sense of entitlement come from?

In the video, Tayler does not address anyone in particular, she even gives a completely made-up scenario.

And she makes it known!

To make her words easier to understand, she talks about an imaginary friend she calls Savannah.

Savannah said some very hurtful things about him and Tayler eventually found out, so the two women distanced themselves.

They no longer have a relationship, but now that Tayler is about to give birth, Savannah wants to come see her child after the birth.

She even offers her services to watch the baby when Tayler wants to go out.

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This is the sense of entitlement Tayler is talking about!

Whether this person is the child’s uncle, grandmother or even father does not matter.

If they have a bad relationship with the mother, they cannot expect to have a relationship with her child.

It is even less likely that the mother will leave them alone with their baby.

Maybe it’s the way things were done in the past, but modern moms want to end this toxic cycle.

No one can convince Tayler to break her boundaries or let unhealthy people near her child.

Her role in life is to protect her little one!

I don’t care how you are related to my child, you have no sense of entitlement.

If you disrespect me, don’t like me, or don’t make an effort to improve our relationship, you are not going to bypass me to gain access to my child.

Another internet mom shared her experience.

She let toxic family members have a relationship with her children.

She mentions in particular that her in-laws hate her, but that she makes efforts to hide her disdain.

Clearly, this family isn’t good enough since the mom noticed.

Initially, her children were not directly influenced by her in-laws’ hatred of her.

But as the children grew up, they understood that they were not treated like other members of the family.

So, this mom offers a warning:

If you think that someone who doesn’t love you is going to treat your children like the children of someone they love, you are far from the truth.

Her children started having problems to the point where they needed a mental health professional.

The mother then had to organize private sessions for her children and family therapy for her husband’s family.

Finally, we set limits to protect our family and the mental health of our children.

Moreover, she and her children no longer participate in events organized by people who hate them.

The mother no longer sees the point in making efforts for family members who wish her harm.

Ultimately, getting away from these people was the best decision possible!

As parents, we must make decisions to protect our children.

If we have to cancel certain events, if we have to eliminate certain people from our lives, if we have to tell the hard truth to our children, so be it!

Moms and dads have the power to set healthy boundaries for their families.

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The Internet’s reaction

Honestly, internet users were divided on the issue.

While many see the value in setting boundaries and setting rules to protect your family, others think it is extreme.

Indeed, they believe that family is more important than all the other relationships that one can develop in life.

So, we must always make efforts to safeguard it and sometimes, that means turning a blind eye to certain behaviors.

Personally, I completely disagree, but that’s how some people justify their point of view.

What do you think ?

Should you keep the toxic family away from your children or should you compromise at all costs?

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